The Making of Second Life: Notes from the New World (Paperback)

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About the Author

Wagner James Au has written about high-tech culture for more than ten years, and has been, at various times, a freelance reporter, a metaverse consultant, a game developer, a screenwriter, and most pertinent, a white-suited avatar named "Hamlet Au," the first embedded journalist in a virtual world, beginning in 2003—a role he still plays on his blog, New World Notes ( His work in Second Life has been cited or profiled in The New York Times, the BBC, CNN International, NPR, Wired, the Boston Globe, and the Washington Post, among many other publications and television programs. He also covers the game industry and online worlds for Originally from Kailua, Hawaii, he now lives in San Francisco, California. When he needs to escape the virtual world, he enjoys reality-oriented diversions such as travel, politics, dining, sunlight, and dogs.

Praise For…

“In Mr. Au’s fascinating account of the rise of Linden Lab and Second Life he interweaves anecdotes so improbable--catching a wireless signal with a soup can?--that you have to remind yourself what’s real and what’s not.... A remarkable corporate story... he offers some keen observations.” — Wall Street Journal

“Technology journalist Au does a fine job explaining how founder Philip Rosedale and his start-up Linden Lab created this peculiar institution, and his status as a longtime Linden contractor gives him perspective.” — Newsweek

“Au’s book is full of rich details about some of Second Life’s most important people.” — New York Post

“[Au] presents a comprehensive account that shows why Second Life may be the next great frontier and why it is so appealing to individuals and enterprises worldwide.” — Library Journal

[A] comprehensive history of Second Life’s early days…As new virtual worlds come online and try to lure some of Second Life’s users and hype, the story of how Second Life came to be may provide a road map for others.” — Reuters

[H]ere, for the first time, Au has managed to narrate the real origins of this well-known virtual world… And there is no one better situated to tell those stories than Au...who has been on hand for more of the seminal moments in this virtual world than anyone. — Daniel Terdiman, CNet

“[Au] is a thoughtful and erudite writer…. [and his] enjoyable, well-written, and thoughtful…book gives us most complete picture we’ve had of how this complex and valuable virtual world came to be, what has happened since then, and why the world should care. — Daniel Terdiman, CNet

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ISBN: 9780061353215
Publisher: Harper Paperbacks
Publication Date: June 23rd, 2009
Pages: 304
Language: English