Sampling and Remixing Blackness in Hip-Hop Theater and Performance (Paperback)

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Sampling and Remixing Blackness is a timely and accessible book that examines the social ramifications of cultural borrowing and personal adaptation of Hip-hop culture by non-Black and non-African American Black artists in theater and performance. In a cultural moment where Hip-hop theater hits such as Hamilton offer glimpses of Black popular culture to non-Black people through musical soundtracks, GIFs, popular Hip-hop music, language, clothing, singing styles and embodied performance, people around the world are adopting a Blackness that is at once connected to African American culture--and assumed and shed by artists and consumers as they please. As Black people around the world live a racial identity that is not shed, in a cultural moment of social unrest against anti-blackness, this book asks how such engagements with Hip-hop in performance can be both dangerous and a space for finding cultural allies. Featuring the work of some of the visionaries of Hip-hop theater including Lin-Manuel Miranda, Sarah Jones and Danny Hoch, this book explores the work of groundbreaking Hip-hop theater and performance artists who have engaged Hip-hop's Blackness through popular performance. The book challenges how we understand the performance of race, Hip-hop and Blackness in the age of Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. In a cultural moment where racial identity is performed through Hip-hop culture's resistance to the status quo and complicity in maintaining it, Hodges Persley asks us to consider who has the right to claim Hip-hop's blackness when blackness itself is a complicated mixtape that offers both consent and resistance to transgressive and inspiring acts of performance.

About the Author

Nicole Hodges Persley is Associate Professor of American Studies and African & African American Studies at The University of Kansas.

Praise For…

“Expands the critical conversation on Hip Hop by considering how blackness as a culture/trait can be appropriated and performed by non-African Americans… Hodges Persley, writing on Hamilton, powerfully and convincingly demonstrates how essential Black culture is to the creation of American theatre, the telling of American history, and the sharing of African American experiences.”
—Harvey Young, Boston University 

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ISBN: 9780472055111
ISBN-10: 0472055119
Publisher: University of Michigan Press
Publication Date: October 25th, 2021
Pages: 320
Language: English