Rafael Villamil: A Retrospective 1956-2024 (Hardcover)

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Rafael Villamil: A Retrospective 1956-2024' is an intimate portrait of a renaissance artist/architect from Puerto Rico as told through his artistic and architectural work, drawings, studies, press and personal letters divided into two sections (Art and Architecture).

The ART section is a dedicated to his paintings, process, and practice, he had an exhibition with famed artist Andy Warhol. The ARCHITECTURE section features iconic buildings that he has worked on with others like famed architect Louis Kahn.

Rafael has worked with famed architect Henry Klumb the former head draftsman for Frank Lloyd Wright. He was still making art during this time and had his first show at the University of PR in 1961. The show became controversial sparking protests fanned by the local newspapers not because of any perceived obscenity but, because the work was displayed on construction forms provided by Villamil.

In 1963, with a recommendation from Henry Klumb, Villamil moves to Philadelphia to start working with architect Louis Kahn. At the same time, he was garnering attention as a visual artist. He never stopped creating art but his profile as an architect was well on the rise. He moved from under the shadow of Kahn but, retained a strong friendship with him and his family.

He also taught Art and Architecture during this time. Villamil was working as an independent consultant until settling into a partnership with Mirick, Pearson, Batcheler & Ilvonen. He later left them to pursue his own practice. He has to date was won multiple awards and citations throughout his career.

EL MUSEO DE ARTE CONTEMPOR NEO DE PUERTO RICO did a massive retrospective of his work dedicating the entire museum to the exhibition.

Villamil is 89 and is currently still creating in the now landmarked house he designed and built for his family in 1982.

Hunter College and the University of Pennsylvania are both including his architectural work in their permanent archives.

Rafael Villamil: A Retrospective 1956-2024' is a two-volume book (slipcase) from a Latin American icon that has never received his due praised. There is a growing interest in his life work and will continue to build momentum.

About the Author

Rafael Villamil is a 90-year-old Puerto Rican artist/architect that has worked with famed architects Henry Klumb the former head draftsman for Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Kahn. He was awarded the CCRA for Best in Interior and Architecture, Gold Medal for Design Excellence by the American Institute of Architects and Progressive Architecture Design Award for Planning and Urban Design. In the 1960's Rafael 's artwork was displayed in a group exhibition at the YWHA that included noted artist Andy Warhol before he became the most influential artist that has ever lived. Rafael has shown his artwork at the Museum of the University of Puerto Rico, School of Visual Arts, and El Barrio to name a few.

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