The Spirit of Intimacy: Ancient Teachings In The Ways Of Relationships (Paperback)

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"This is a teacher who can help us put together so many things that our modern Western world has broken." —Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple

A renowned, respected teacher and mentor to thousands, Sobonfu Somi is one of the first and foremost voices of African spirituality to come to the West.

Somi was born in Dano, Burkina Faso, a remote West African village with a population of about two hundred people. Dano has preserved the old ways of African village life, with family structures, spiritual practices, and methods of living that have been in place for more than ten thousand years. In The Spirit of Intimacy, Somi distills the ancient teachings and wisdom of her native village to give insight into the nature of intimate relationships.

Somi generously applies the subtle knowledge from her West African culture to this one. Simply and beautifully, she reveals the role of spirit in every marriage, friendship, relationship, and community. She shares ancient ways to make our intimate lives more fulfilling and secure and offers powerful insights into the "illusion of romance," divorce, and loss. Her important and fascinating lessons from the heart include the sacred meaning of pleasure, preparing a ritual space for intimacy, and the connection between sex and spirituality. Her ideas are intuitively persuasive, provocative, and healing--and supported by sound practical advice, along with specific rituals and ceremonies based on those used for thousands of years.

With this book, the spiritual insights of indigenous Africa take their place alongside those of native America, ancient Europe, and Asia as important influences on Western readers.

About the Author

Sobonfu Somé, whose name means "keeper of ritual," was born and raised in Burkina Faso, the former Upper Volta. She is an initiated member of the Dagara tribe of West Africa. Sobonfu and her husband, Malidoma Somé, teach the ancient wisdom of their tribe throughout the world.

Praise For…

"With a generous and tender heart, Sobonfu Somé holds out her hand. From her extended palm, she offers simply stated pearls—mined from the wisdom and lives of her West African Dagara village elders, brothers, and sisters—about the importance of a living, breathing, continual connection with spirit and community; about the ways to experience a genuine intimacy with life itself." — Clarissa Pinkola Estés, PhD, author of Women Who Run with the Wolves

"There's much wisdom about relationship here. Sobonfu Somé generously applies subtle knowledge from her West African culture to this one. Simply to read what she has to say—about community, ritual, marriage, and intimacy—is to find something fresh and healthy for one's own life." — Robert Bly, author of Iron John

"This book is a timely and timeless gift. It is sweet with wisdom, bright with intelligence, and rich with revelations of the role of spirit in every marriage, friendship, and community." — Michael Meade, author of Men and the Water of Life

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