Human Dignity and World Order: The Holistic Foundations of Global Democracy (Paperback)

Human Dignity and World Order: The Holistic Foundations of Global Democracy By Ervin Laszlo (Foreword by), Glen T. Martin Cover Image
By Ervin Laszlo (Foreword by), Glen T. Martin


We must establish our world order on the principles of human dignity if we want a credible future for humanity. This book shows how and why this is so. It investigates the meaning of human dignity in relation to current scholarly work as well as in terms of the depths of our subjective lives from which the concept of dignity arises. It contrasts the concept of dignity with our current world system engulfed in endless wars, immense inequality, systems of economic injustice, and on-going environmental destruction. It shows the relationship between dignity, human rights, and global moral principles and lays out ten fundamental principles for a planetary ethics. The book contrasts the holistic paradigm uncovered by 20th century science with the fragmented paradigm that persists at the heart of the present world system, showing how and why a conversion to holism and dignity is both necessary and possible. Human Dignity and World Order shows that we have not yet fully understood our human existential situation as temporal beings oriented toward the future who possess the largely untapped power of a liberating "utopian imagination." Through examining our fundamental human condition, it unveils our vast potential for self-transcendence and transformation leading toward a redeemed and credible human future in which we flourish on the Earth within a planetary civilization of freedom, justice, peace, and sustainable prosperity. This book also presents the Constitution for the Federation of Earth as a paradigm or model for practical action toward a credible human future. Altogether, the book constitutes a watershed in human self-understanding, opening possibilities for the future hitherto ignored or misunderstood. Every thoughtful person concerned for our common human future needs to read this book.

About the Author

Glen T. Martin is professor emeritus of philosophy at Radford University in Virginia. He is recipient of many peace awards and author of 12 books and hundreds of articles directed toward human liberation, world peace, justice, and sustainability.

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