Killer Plants: Growing and Caring for Flytraps, Pitcher Plants, and Other Deadly Flora (Hardcover)

Killer Plants: Growing and Caring for Flytraps, Pitcher Plants, and Other Deadly Flora By Molly Williams Cover Image
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Explore the darker side of nature with this accessible guide to choosing, growing, and caring for carnivorous and predatory plants like Venus flytraps, pitcher plants, sundews, and other spooky guys.
Carnivorous plants: they're weird, they're gorgeous, and they're the perfect addition to your urban jungle of pothos, snake plants, and succulents. However, they can also be intimidating to grow and care for. Let Killer Plants be your guide as it walks you through the different types of carnivorous plants and how to keep each variety alive and well.

The book answers the many questions you may have surrounding these freaks of nature, such as:
  • Where the heck do I buy a pitcher plant? Can I grow it from a seed?
  • Do I need to feed my carnivorous plant flies, or can it survive on water and light alone?
  • What carnivorous plants are safe to have around pets and kids?
  • I have a gnat problem -- what predatory plant can help?

About the Author

Molly Williams is a born-and-raised Midwesterner currently transplanted in New England. She is a writer and professional houseplant aficionado who spends most of her spare time ogling rare plants on Instagram. Molly is the only child of a coal miner and flower farmer and spent most of her youth surrounded by gorgeous flowers and old books. She has traveled around the globe chasing her love for the written word, all the while working as a lingerie saleslady, farm hand, newspaper editor, reality television production coordinator, and floral designer. Molly is an alumnus of Columbia College Chicago (BA '13) and Emerson College (MFA '18). While she has published countless essays and articles about houseplants (and other interesting things), Killer Plants is her first book. Molly lives in the greater Boston area with three of her most favorite people and a black cat named Dahlia.

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ISBN: 9780762499267
ISBN-10: 0762499265
Publisher: Running Press Adult
Publication Date: September 29th, 2020
Pages: 160
Language: English