Managing Managed Care: Psychotherapy and Medication Management in the Modern Era (Hardcover)

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Managing Managed Care is the first comprehensive exploration of the many issues and challenges faced by both providers and patients who work under the auspices of managed care insurers. The distinctive conditions of managed care treatment are scrutinized in detail and their effects and optimal management are carefully presented. The book makes extensive use of the author's unique, in-depth understanding of the human mind and pays attention to both the consciously mediated effects of the conditions of managed care treatment and to the especially powerful, largely unappreciated effects that are mediated unconsciously. The result is a well grounded, extensive, practical guide to dealing effectively with the inevitable intrusions into the therapeutic relationship and with other common issues that are characteristic of managed care therapy. The recommendations proposed by the author can turn a failing treatment experience into one that brings symptom relief to the patient and satisfaction to the therapist. While the author is critical of many practices endorsed by managed care insurers and in use by their providers, he takes pains to propose basic improvements in these areas. In addition, the positive features of this treatment modality are given full consideration, including ways to enhance their favorable effects. The book uniquely provides critical insights for therapists and psychiatrists of all backgrounds and all levels of clinical experience in ways that will greatly enhance their work with managed care patients.

About the Author

Robert Langs is the author of forty-six books on his innovative approach to the human mind and to psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, and the human condition.

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ISBN: 9780765705761
ISBN-10: 0765705761
Publisher: Jason Aronson
Publication Date: February 19th, 2009
Pages: 156
Language: English