An Oklahoma I Had Never Seen Before: Alternative Views of Oklahoma History (Paperback)

An Oklahoma I Had Never Seen Before: Alternative Views of Oklahoma History By Davis D. Joyce Cover Image
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After taking Davis D. Joyce's course in Oklahoma history, a student once said, "I saw an Oklahoma I'd never seen before."

"This is a splendid collection of writings in the true spirit of a 'people's history'. It begins with a delightful, wry overlook at Oklahoma by George Milburn, and goes on to tell about the state in way rarely seen in traditional histories. There are accounts of progressivism, of socialism, of labor radicalism, of Indian resistance, of black struggle against segregation, of women's campaigns for abortion rights. It includes fascinating portraits of people, some famous, some obscure, who were engaged in these struggles. I hope this become a model for similar volumes on other states."-Howard Zinn, author of People's History of the United States.

Contents: "Oklahoma," George Milburn; "The Difficulty of Celebrating an Invasion, "Jerald C. Walker;"Progressivism in Oklahoma Politics, 1900-1913: A Reinterpretation," Kenny L. Brown;"Kate Barnard, Progressivism, and the West," Suzanne J. Crawford and Lynn R. Musslewhite; "'In Death You Shall not Wear It Either' The Persecution of Mennonite Pacifists in Oklahoma," Marvin E. Kroeker;"She Never Weakened: The Heroism of Freda Ameringer," John Thompson; "Wobblies in the Oilfields: The Suppression of the Industrial Workers of the World in Oklahoma," Nigel sellars; "The Road Once Taken: Socialist Medicine in Southwestern Oklahoma," Alana Hughes; "Woody Guthrie: The Oklahoma Years, 1912-1929," Harry Menig; "The New Deal Comes to Shawnee," Dale E.Soden; "The Social Gospel of Nicholas Comfort," Bob Cottrell; "Behold the Walls," Clara Luper; "The Case of the Deerslayer," Stan Steiner; "Black Oklahoma and Sense of place," Jimmie L. Franklin; "The Southern Influence on Oklahoma," Danney Goble; "The Creation of an Oklahoma Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights: A Presonal/Historical Essay" Carole Jane Joyce; "Violence and Oppression of Women in Rural Oklahoma," Elizabeth D. Barlow; "Oklahoma's Gay Liberation Movement," Thomas E. Guild, Joan Luxenburg, and Keith Smith; "Even Among the Sooners, There Are More Important Things than Football," Alan Ehrenhalt.

In revealing an Oklahoma many have never seen, this book can remind Oklahoma citizens of changes yet to be made, show how to mark them, and (perhaps most important of all) inspire them to do the job.

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