The New Caribbean Folktales and Legends for the 21st Century (Paperback)

The New Caribbean Folktales and Legends for the 21st Century By Roselle Thompson Cover Image
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In The New Caribbean Folktales and Legends for the 21st Century, this author resurrects Caribbean folkloric characters to create modern tales which have originated from the folktales of the Caribbean. By doing so, it historicises their ancestral linkages and transmits their continued relevance to our present dominant, scientific and technological epoch; which at times, appears to overshadow the simplicity and potency of the folk lore today. Written with a didactic purpose, the new 21st century Caribbean tales have a similar function; paying homage to the age-old body of folk knowledge, practices, traditions and beliefs that have been the cultural mainstay of the Caribbean region's indigenous people, right from the start.

In our rapidly changing environment, with changing public expectations and behaviour, this book sets out to embrace new ways of acquainting existing and potential audiences/readers with Caribbean Folktales and Legends, in ways that are considered audience-focused and thought-provoking; in order to keep interest in these cultural stabilisers alive.

This book is a must read for any student wishing to understand the background to Caribbean writings within the Caribbean Canon and for anyone who's interested in Language, Lore and Cultural Traditions.

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