Learning Life: The Path to Academic Success and Personal Happiness (Paperback)

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I don't know how to do that yet, but I will learn.

The purpose of Learning Life is to empower learning. The book takes a holistic approach to the goals of academic and personal achievement, integrating cross-disciplinary understandings from the fields of neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, and ancient mind-body traditions, to support greater life mastery. Learning is a process of going from not knowing to knowing, from not being able to do to being able to do. Learning Life provides a specific strategy to turn possibilities into realities. Written with humor, based on sound research and best practices, the book shows how to make the process of learning and growth more efficient, more effective, and more fun.

As with more conventional works on achievement, this book covers information on academic skills, time management, financial planning, and related topics. More importantly, however, it integrates unique elements, rooted in evidence-based research, to enhance learner self-efficacy and positive expectancy for success (the belief that you can succeed if you try).

The book builds on three foundation practices - establishing clear goals, building mindful awareness, and focusing on quality. These foundations are a central aspect of the text, an approach to learning developed over years of working with many students in diverse contexts. The text also emphasizes self-reflection, problem solving, use of data and feedback, and making constructive change in all areas of life. It is about building an effective life.

Ultimately the information and skills are applied in an active research format, based on a learning-by-doing orientation, which focuses on a personal change process related to academic/life success. Taken together the book's 18 chapters provide the basis for effective learning, improved life skills, and targeted applications in the pursuit of educational objectives, better health, career goals, improved relationships, and a meaningful life. The book is engaging, readable, evidence-based, classroom tested, and effective. It is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to build a successful life, live with greater happiness, and cultivate even more gifts to give to the world.

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