5 FROGS Transformation Journal (Hardcover)

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Life doesn't always go as planned. Even welcome changes can be challenging.

FROGS is an acronym for the spaces we jump between in the face of a change or a disorienting life event. This journal guides you through your 5 FROGS(R) transformation journey on the road to greater resilience.

Document your hops, hopes, leaps, and laments here in this safe space on the road to resilience and crowning a more expanded, royal version of yourself.


"The 5 FROGS(R) Transformation Journal offers creative ways to boost resilience by inviting us to reflect and answer some important questions. It can help you to quiet your inner critic and build more self-compassion." - Jane Shure, PhD, LCSW, Psychotherapist, Co-founder of The Resilience Group

"An insightful, fun, practical guide to help anyone build resilience in their personal or professional lives. Brenda's unique 5 FROGS(R) process makes it easier to navigate disruptive changes and life transitions."- Shola Richards, author of Go Together and Founder of Go Together Global(R)

"We don't get to where we are without facing unexpected challenges. Using this journal helped me find clarity in challenging times. I truly wish I'd had this journal years ago."- Cheri Phyfer-Kubu, Executive Vice President, Fortune Brands Innovations

"Brenda is a master at breaking down complex concepts so we can apply them to our lives. This guided journal is for anyone seeking personal growth. You will unlock, unleash, and conquer your uncertainty. Start your transformation today "- Kimberley Barker, PhD, Director, Institute for Culture, Change, and Leadership

"Any journey through uncertain terrain and challenging times requires a map. Brenda's 5 FROGS(R) model offers a trusted guide to navigating change. Even more, her process and these journaling practices will help you trust yourself as you grow into who you are becoming." - Ken Beldon, LSW, Psychotherapist serving individuals and couples

"I love this journal It is funny, clever and thoughtful. The 5 FROGS(R) Transformation Journal is like a coach in journal form-a safe space to reflect, process your feelings, and celebrate your progress." - Penny Zenker, CSP, Focusologist, TEDx and Keynote Speaker

"My wife encouraged me to journal, but I had no idea where to start. Soon after, I discovered the 5 Frogs(R) Transformation Journal. The power of reflecting through this journal can't be overstated. Take the time. Invest in yourself."- Matt Zaun, Podcast Host and Founder, Stories With Traction

"The 5 FROGS(R) Transformation Journal provides a wonderful framework for journaling through life changes, especially the unexpected, emotionally fraught ones. Brenda challenges us to use the tool of journaling to seize the moment to grow and thrive." - Sheri G. White, Psy.D.

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