Personal Finance for Teens and College Students: The Complete Guide to Financial Literacy for Teens and Young Adults (Paperback)

Personal Finance for Teens and College Students: The Complete Guide to Financial Literacy for Teens and Young Adults By Kara Ross Cover Image
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Are you a high school student, soon to be a graduate and heading off to college or to work full time? Are you in college and not sure how to manage the money you do have while going to college? Are you a parent looking for a good introduction to personal finance for your son or daughter?

If you want to learn how you can better manage money as a young adult, then keep reading

Schools worldwide lack a formal financial literacy course, instead focusing on teaching students' arbitrary skills that may or may not be relevant to their daily lives.

As a result, we have financially illiterate young adults who can solve quadratic equations and remember the structure of a plant but have no idea about the loans they take out or how taxes work.

This book aims to fill a gap in the education system by introducing teenagers and college students to relevant financial concepts to broaden their functional understanding and help them make informed decisions at every stage of their lives.

It mау ѕееm daunting аt fіrѕt, but learning these skills are absolutely achievable. In this book, уоu'll learn thе fоllоwіng:

  • Essential financial terms and concepts and how to manage your financial accounts;

  • What to do with your money and grow it to become financially free;

  • How to prioritize your expenses and focus more on needs, not wants;

  • How to save and invest money to prepare for future engagements, like marriage and family;

  • The Dos and Don'ts of managing money, so you won't have any issues growing your money;

  • Investment options to make more money and what you can do to tackle debt;


Whatever the reasoning is, know that a pursuit of this knowledge does not somehow make you less of a person. This is not some radical crazy problem in your life that can't be solved - It certainly can. If you want to learn more about money management and truly live the life you've always dreamed of, then you need this book today.

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