Modern Panama: From Occupation to Crossroads of the Americas (Hardcover)

Modern Panama: From Occupation to Crossroads of the Americas By Michael L. Conniff, Gene E. Bigler Cover Image
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Few have a complete understanding of the recent history of Panama, markedly since the signing of the Carter-Torrijos Treaties in 1977. Although the Treaty set the stage for the country to finally control all of its territory, little is known about how Panama has fared, both as a manager of a major waterway and as a sovereign nation in a unique region. Authors Michael L. Conniff and Gene E. Bigler seek to fill this major gap in Latin American history with Modern Panama, a thorough account of the recent political and economic developments in Panama. Despite the country's continued struggle with political corruption, Conniff and Bigler argue that changes since the turnover of the Canal have been largely positive, and Panama has emerged into the twenty-first century as a stable, functioning democracy with a growing economy, improved canal management, and a higher standard of living.

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ISBN: 9781108476669
ISBN-10: 110847666X
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication Date: June 27th, 2019
Pages: 364
Language: English