The Penzance Smash (Paperback)

The Penzance Smash By Frankie Moffatt Cover Image
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This is a story about love and family. It captures a period in time, the post-war era, when people were beginning to put their lives together again after the horrors and shortages caused by the Second World War. Whole communities were springing up all over the United Kingdom in newly built housing estates and this story is focused on one family within such an estate. It also tells of a sport, homing pigeon racing, which was once so very popular amongst the working classes but has now almost disappeared.
Through this setting, the author evokes a very moving and visual tale of the hardships faced by one family and recounts how one man brought up two young boys, giving them the best life that he could. There were no manuals or self-help groups then, but this man quietly went about raising his boys and teaching them the values that he believed would be necessary for their futures. He taught them to be independent, to be respectful and to never give up matter what life threw at them. Most importantly, he showed them what real love is.

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ISBN: 9781398457324
ISBN-10: 1398457329
Publisher: Austin Macauley
Publication Date: November 30th, 2021
Pages: 70
Language: English