Homelessness in America: A Reference Handbook (Contemporary World Issues) (Hardcover)

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This title provides a one-stop resource for understanding the crisis of homelessness in the United States. It covers risk factors for homelessness, societal attitudes about the homeless, and public and private resources designed to prevent homelessness and help those in need.

There are a number of questions to be answered when addressing the subject of homelessness in the United States. What are the primary causes of homelessness? What are the economic and socioeconomic factors that have an impact on homeless people? What demographic trends can be identified in homeless populations? Is the U.S. addressing the needs and concerns of homeless people adequately? Where are the areas with the highest homeless populations? What can be done to help homeless people who live with mental illness and/or addiction problems?

Homelessness in America: A Reference Handbook answers all of these questions and more. It thoroughly examines the history of homelessness in the U.S., shining a light on the key issues, events, policies, and attitudes that contribute to homelessness and shape the experience of being homeless. It places special emphasis on exploring the myriad problems that force people into homelessness, such as inadequate levels of affordable housing, struggles with substance abuse, and gaps in the U.S.' social welfare system. In addition, it explains why some demographic groups are at heightened risk of homelessness.

About the Author

Michele Wakin is professor of sociology and faculty director of the Center for Urban Poverty.

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ISBN: 9781440874857
ISBN-10: 1440874859
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
Publication Date: February 18th, 2022
Pages: 400
Language: English
Series: Contemporary World Issues (Hardcover)