Psychoanalytic Approaches for Counselors (Theories for Counselors) (Paperback)

Psychoanalytic Approaches for Counselors (Theories for Counselors) By Frederick Redekop Cover Image


Psychoanalytic Approaches for Counselors explores Freud's historical contributions to the theories within this school of thought and demonstrates their practical application in clinical practice today. Using the compelling framework of the common factors approach, the text helps readers consider how both the client′s perspective and the interpersonal forces within a helping relationship can shape positive therapeutic outcomes. The text's clinical vignettes, case examples, and discussion of significant updates within the field further highlight the relevance of the psychoanalytic approach to counseling. Psychoanalytic Approaches for Counselors is part of the SAGE Theories for Counselors Series that includes Cognitive Behavioral Approaches for Counselors, by Diane Shea, and Person-Centered Approaches for Counselors, by Jeffrey H.D. Cornelius-White. Comprehensive in scope, this readable volume both demystifies traditional psychoanalytic theory and describes contemporary advances in analytic thought. --Cecile Brennan, John Carroll University Dr. Redekop has produced a rare specimen: a textbook by a university counseling professor that is useful for psychoanalysts and analysts-in-training. --Frank Malone, Philadelphia School of Psychoanalysis A highly readable, approachable, conversational invitation to the psychoanalytic tradition. --Jerome Wagner, Loyola University, Chicago

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ISBN: 9781452268361
ISBN-10: 1452268363
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc
Publication Date: November 1st, 2014
Pages: 160
Language: English
Series: Theories for Counselors