Derrty Lil' Sex Secretz: Based On True Events (Paperback)

Derrty Lil' Sex Secretz: Based On True Events By Talisha Mallory (Editor), Kaiserrific Cover Image
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How come men can't open up and tell their sexual secrets? Women have always spoken on what a man does in the bedroom. So in St. Louis, Missouri a group of men agreed to share their secrets to the world about some of the women they have encountered. As you read these stories with the poetry from Kaiserrific it will not only stimulate your mind but stimulate your body. You'd be surprised by who you may know because St. Louis is a small world. Get to know these wayward men and their Derrty Lil' Sex Secretz. A new kind of erotica...

About the Author

To know an author is to know their words... Kaiserrific (born Christopher Don`ell Kaiser on November 29, 1980 in St. Louis, Missouri) is a master of creativity. Always been leader and never a follower starting out his career in high school theatre to later evolving his talents onto paper. An originator of his own unique writing comes from the many different and fascinating experiences that he loves the most. As some of the greats that have influenced him growing up he strives to put his best into his work. Kaiserrific has performed as a poet at various events and venues since late 2010 making a himself known in the spoken word community. In February of 2012 Kaiserrific published his first book Freedom Independent Revelation Emancipation known to the world as FIRE. Kaiserrific explains the anger and painful experiences people encounter in the everyday life through his monologues and poetry. Kaiserrific hopes that you enjoyed this book as much as he did writing it.

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ISBN: 9781478235859
ISBN-10: 1478235853
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: August 29th, 2012
Pages: 200
Language: English