101 Tips on How to Be a Bouncer: Techniques to Handle Situations Without Violence (Paperback)

101 Tips on How to Be a Bouncer: Techniques to Handle Situations Without Violence By Darren Lee Cover Image
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Master the techniques of running the doors

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Gone are the days where muscle-head bouncers were able to run the doors with brute force and zero repercussions. These days many venues have implemented 'no hit' policies and nightlife security personnel are forced to handle situations tactfully or risk losing their jobs, be charged with assault or worse...be seriously injured or killed

This book is the culmination of many years of trial and error by the author in learning the most practical and workable techniques of crowd control and learning from the wisdom of veteran security professionals and police officers.

Here's some of what you'll find in this book...

  • Word-for-word routines used by experienced security personnel to refuse people entry and conduct evictions;
  • Multiple ways to gain leverage in confronting situations without laying a finger on the patrons; and
  • Time-tested verbal judo techniques applicable to the nightlife security environment.

Plus much, much more

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About the Author

The author has over ten years experience in the security industry working at numerous bars, clubs and major concert venues. Although currently working as a dispute resolution lawyer, he still acts as a security training guest speaker running conflict resolution workshops whenever he gets the chance.

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