The Amusing Bible (Paperback)

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The Amusing Bible is the first English adaptation of La Bible Amusante, written in french by Leo Taxil in 1897, which was suppressed from being translated into English or Spanish. It contains quotes from the Bible, comments by Voltaire, Lord Bolingbroke, Fr ret, Toland and over 400 illustrations by Frid'Rick.

The Amusing Bible is a powerful weapon against the clergy and their doctrine of the heavenly origin of the Bible, since it consistently points out the errors of the Bible. Do not expect a deep scientific criticism, since The Amusing Bible only points out those absurdities and contradictions, which simply do not conform to our common sense, and leaves its scientific analysis to biblical scholars.

The Amusing Bible will simply explain what you should not believe and why.

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ISBN: 9781491761953
ISBN-10: 1491761954
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: August 14th, 2015
Pages: 536
Language: English