The Soul of Man Under Socialism (Paperback)

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By Oscar Wilde, Mint Editions (Contribution by)
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Oscar Wilde presents a libertarian socialist view of the economic disparities caused by capitalism, that lead to futile acts of charity instead of definitive solutions. Wilde encourages an overhaul of the structures that allow such inequalities to exist.

The Soul of Man Under Socialism is an insightful look into Wilde's personal and political beliefs. Within the essay he emphasizes individualism over group think, using Jesus Christ as a prime example. He also offers a detailed critique of capitalist societies that revel in charity, instead of eliminating its need. Poverty cannot be fought with kindness; it requires genuine compassion backed by policy.

Wilde's perspective was heavily influenced by the writings of Peter Kropotkin, a Russian anarchist and socialist. In The Soul of Man Under Socialism, Wilde invokes powerful ideas that call for accountability and drastic change. It's a raw declaration of his contemporary anarchist views.

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