Bible Study Guide For Beginners: How To Memorize The Bible (Paperback)

Bible Study Guide For Beginners: How To Memorize The Bible By Joyce Mayne Cover Image
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Learn How To Memorize The Bible Effectively So That You Can Further Deepen Your Relationship With God. As soon as a baby is born to the world, the next vital thing for the baby to have in order to survive, grow and thrive is milk. As the baby grows up, his physical needs change and milk alone would not be enough to sustain him. He would need vegetables, fruits, meat and so on. The same thing goes for the spirit of a Christian. When a Christian is reborn in the spirit, his spirit needs sustenance to grow in the knowledge of God. The Bible, in Colossians 3:16, admonishes the believers to "let the Word of Christ dwell in us richly". How can the Word of God live in the hearts of the believers? The same way that food enters the person after eating, he has to take it in himself. Man cannot survive without food for long. He eats more than three times a day. He gets his strength and energy from food. Without it, he would not be able to accomplish what he is supposed to do. Furthermore, he could die in the absence of food supply in three weeks. The Bible stresses the importance of "daily bread" for the body and yet, it teaches that more than the physical food, man should live on "every word" of God. This is why it is crucial for a believer to be able to meditate on and memorize the bible. This is what this book will teach you to do. Here's what you'll learn in this book: 1. Effective principles on how to successfully memorize the Bible. 2. How to effectively use your daily quiet time with God when memorizing the Bible and also in prayer. 3. Step by step guide to memorizing verses one by one. 4. How to utilise your local church to help you to deepen your understanding and memorization of the bible. And more You No Longer Have To Struggle To Memorize The Bible Get your copy today.

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