Bridge Over The River Why: A Guide for Those Who Have Suffered the Loss of a Child to Suicide (Hardcover)

Bridge Over The River Why: A Guide for Those Who Have Suffered the Loss of a Child to Suicide By David Cooper, Deborah Cooper, Ellen Novack (Editor) Cover Image
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"In Bridge Over the River Why, the Coopers have succeeded in a dual task documenting their own journey through the grief of losing their son Eli by suicide, while at the same time providing a valuable resource for anyone who has had to face the same terrible tragedy. They start with the premise that "doing and feeling" are the key components of moving forward and have a core message to deliver: "as bereaved parents, we want you to know this is survivable".

This short book blends the personal inquiry of David and Deborah, populated with meaningful quotations and practical advice. They challenge readers to harness their own resilience and list a series of brief tips ranging from how to talk to friends- "the more we talk about the loss, the more real it about your child often". Keeping Eli's name in day to day conversation helped them move forward.

There are different ways to carry on the legacy of a loved one. Some keep a photo album, while others focus on sponsoring a memorial lecture or a scholarship. In their search for meaning, the Coopers are committed to addressing a significant gap in the mental health services for people like Eli, by establishing Eli's Place, a rural residential treatment and transition centre, dedicated to holistic therapeutic techniques for young adults. As a psychiatrist working in the fields of depression and suicide, I am inspired by this initiative and believe this is an important step in building strong partnerships between persons who have lived through serious mental health challenges, and those who provide professional care."
-Sidney H. Kennedy, MD Professor of Psychiatry, University of Toronto Arthur Sommer Rotenberg Chair in Suicide and Depression Studies, St. Michael's Hospital

"This book is an excellent guide for parents and others grappling with a suicide loss. The Coopers are an authentic compassionate pair of voices that speak from their lived experience. Cross the bridge and take the journey with them. A journey of tears and ultimately, hopefulness."
-Alex Shendelman, Program Manager The Survivor Support Program, Distress Centres, Toronto, and a survivor of suicide loss.

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