Moral Theory: An Introduction (Paperback)

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Moral Theory: An Introduction explores some of the historically most important and currently debated moral theories about the nature of the right and the good, including divine command theory, relativism, natural law theory, consequentialism, egoism, Kant's ethics, ethics of prima facie duties, contractualism, virtue ethics and care ethics. Providing an introduction to moral theory that explains and critically examines the theories of such classical philosophers as Aristotle, Aquinas, Bentham, Kant, Mill, and Ross, this book acquaints students with the work of contemporary moral philosophers. Each chapter has been revised and updated. The third edition includes a new chapter on moral contractualism and an extensively revised chapter on virtue ethics and care ethics. Additionally, the book discusses recent work by moral psychologists making an impact on moral theory.

About the Author

Mark Timmons is professor of philosophy at the University of Arizona. He has published extensively on topics in moral theory, metaethics, and Kant's ethics. He is author of Morality without Foundations (1999), Kant's Doctrine of Virtue: A Guide (2021) and editor of the annual Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics.

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Publication Date: January 17th, 2022
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