Osteoporosis: The Osteoporosis & Bone Health Guide: A Complete Guide to Prevent Osteoporosis, Reverse Bone Loss and Build Stronger B (Paperback)

Osteoporosis: The Osteoporosis & Bone Health Guide: A Complete Guide to Prevent Osteoporosis, Reverse Bone Loss and Build Stronger B By Monika Shah Cover Image
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This book has been specifically designed and written for people who are suffering from Osteoporosis, seriously strive to reverse the bone loss caused by Osteoporosis and build stronger bones again naturally using right techniques, simple yet effective exercises and healthy effective homemade diet. It is extremely important to understand that apart from taking the medications prescribed by the doctor, a healthy nutritious diet and correct exercises must be included in one's lifestyle to not only reverse the bone loss caused by Osteoporosis but to have super strong bones for life. Let's take a closer look on what this book has to offer:
  • Part A - The Osteoporosis and Bone Health Guide: This section of the book explains Osteoporosis and educates you about its various forms, causes, symptoms and consequences in great detail. Here, you will also unfold the real controllable and uncontrollable risks and risk factors that may lead to Osteoporosis. It also reveals the various types of bone density testing techniques that are performed to find out bone conditions and helps you in understanding these various bone density testing results in a very easy and simple way.It also educates you about the connection between diseases like Diabetes, Inflammatory Rheumatic Disease, Gastrointestinal Diseases, Cystic Fibrosis, Epilepsy, Chronic Liver Disease, Neurological Disorders etc. and Osteoporosis/bone fractures, as in how these diseases may increase your chances to develop Osteoporosis or get more bone fractures.
  • Part B - The Prevention and Management Guide: This section of the book focuses on the prevention and natural management of Osteoporosis in great detail. It reveals the important tips, tricks, guidelines and precautionary measures, for people with Osteoporosis (especially adults), to build healthier and stronger bones for life. It also educates about the activities, exercises, habits and lifestyle changes one should incorporate to not only start building stronger bones but also to avoid further bone fractures in future.For, people with brittle bones, it lists some of the most important guidelines to avoid bone fractures.
  • Part C - The Osteoporosis Diet and Nutrition Guide: This section of the book educates you in great detail about the diet one should eat while suffering from Osteoporosis or weaker bones in order to reverse the bone loss and gain stronger bones again. This section will unfold the real dietary and nutritional requirements with right sources, best foods to eat, foods to avoid and guidelines for making the right choices while selecting your food. This section makes sure that the person who needs to be on Osteoporosis diet is well-versed with the required dietary information and guidelines to live a healthy and comfortable life.
Also Includes: Non-Drug Based Remedies, Therapies and Other Remedial Options for OsteoporosisThis additional section of the book explains about the various non-drug based remedies and therapies one can opt to reduce muscle spasms, improve overall blood circulation, reduce pain and experience a splendid sense of wellbeing.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tags: Osteoporosis, Osteoporosis Diet, Bone Health, Bone Health Guide, Build Stronger Bones, Prevent Osteoporosis, Osteoporosis Book, Reverse Bone Loss, Osteoporosis Remedy, Osteoporosis Guide, Osteoporosis Treatment.

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Hi, my name is Monika Shah, "A Nutritionist and Curious Food Lover". I am a mom of 2 years old charming son and wife of the most loving husband who always supports me. I love food and write about it! Especially diet books, recipes, cookbooks and many more that relates to health, diet and staying healthy. I have helped a lot of people in changing their diets and achieving a healthier self by sharing my recipes with them and by eating healthy. Hope you will enjoy my books and create a new healthier you!

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