Mastermind Psychology 101: How To Read Anyone And Figure Out Their Motives (Paperback)

Mastermind Psychology 101: How To Read Anyone And Figure Out Their Motives By K. W. Williams Cover Image
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Are you tired of being confused about what people mean or when they are being truthful? Are you tired of trying to figure out how to seduce and appeal to others? Are you tired of being the victim of manipulation and others' irrationality? Do you want to become a mastermind of psychology? Then this is the right book for you. You will learn the secrets to reading people as if they are open books. And the success that you start enjoying in life as a result of being a mastermind will certainly make reading this book the best thing that you have ever done for yourself. All of the secrets to other people are here. You will learn how to protect yourself from manipulation, and how to run manipulation yourself. You will find out the secrets to detecting deception and how to run persuasion on others. You will also learn how to tell what people want from you and what you mean to people. Say good-bye to confusion and lack of clarity. You will also begin to learn all about how to become more appealing. This knowledge will boost your success in dating, getting laid, and making sales. Your job and your love life will both improve by leaps and bounds. You will learn how to become a better lover and friend, so that you endure fewer fights and miscommunications with others. Finally, you will learn how to resolve any and every type of conflict that you run into with others. Doesn't this just sound like the perfect book? Well it is. And your life will become more perfect the more you use the concepts included in these pages. So start becoming a mastermind of psychology today.

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ISBN: 9781546738534
ISBN-10: 1546738533
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: May 16th, 2017
Pages: 220
Language: English