From Harm to Healing: Sanctuary Stories of Rescue, Resilience, and Recovery (Hardcover)

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From Harm to Healing: Sanctuary Stories of Rescue, Resilience, and Recovery By Ruth Montiel Arias, Liz Tyson-Griffin Cover Image
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A moving and engrossing photographic narrative exploring the lives—past and present—of some of the rescued monkeys currently residing at the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary in South Texas, USA.
From Harm to Healing combines photography and narrative to explore the stories of eight monkeys rescued from traumatic and abusive situations and rehomed to one of the largest animal sanctuaries in the United States, the Born Free Primate Sanctuary.
With an honest and open approach to the work of sanctuaries, the book seeks to consider the complexities and challenges of life after rescue. It posits the work of sanctuaries not simply as a “happily ever after” for victims of the pet trade, vivisection, and zoos, but as a journey toward recovery that may take years, or even decades. Wild animals such as monkeys remain caged even in sanctuaries of the absolute highest standards. Understanding this, the book explores the ethical obligations and challenges faced by the staff, as well as the monkeys and their individual obstacles, that must be overcome in the journey to recovery.
Ultimately, From Harm to Healing seeks to share the individual tales of the monkeys from their perspective and makes the case that, while sanctuaries are vital to protect animals from further harm, they are not the answer to end animal suffering. Indeed, the only way in which we can end the suffering of exploited wild animals is to tackle the source head on. In the meantime, sanctuaries continue to pick up the pieces and do what they can to help victims of exploitation move from situations of harm to those of healing.

About the Author

Ruth Montiel Arias is a visual artist and animal liberation activist from Spain. Ruth’s work presents through installations, ephemeral actions, videos, and photographs how human impulses—such as the desire for possession and power—impact nature. Focusing on the ethical aspect of political and institutional practices, the consequences of our actions on a planet treated as a resource mine are exposed, serving to question the hegemonic morality that has brought us to this point.
Liz Tyson-Griffin is an animal activist with twenty years’ experience working in animal protection nonprofits. Her primary focus is campaigning against the exploitation of wild animals in captivity, as well as providing care for survivors of this industry. She has a particular interest in primates. Since 2018, Liz has been director of the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary, based in Texas, USA. The sanctuary is home to hundreds of monkeys, many rescued from exploitation in the pet trade, laboratories, and zoos. Liz lives in Central Texas with her husband, Kali, and three rescue dog companions, Chambira, Stanley Millett, and Maya.

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ISBN: 9781590567326
ISBN-10: 1590567323
Publisher: Lantern Publishing & Media
Publication Date: September 17th, 2024
Pages: 200
Language: English