The Insulin Resistance Diet for PCOS: A 4-Week Meal Plan and Cookbook to Lose Weight, Boost Fertility, and Fight Inflammation (Paperback)

The Insulin Resistance Diet for PCOS: A 4-Week Meal Plan and Cookbook to Lose Weight, Boost Fertility, and Fight Inflammation By Tara Spencer, Jennifer Koslo, RND Cover Image
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Healing foods—your guide for treating PCOS.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) poses unique challenges to your body. And because PCOS often includes insulin resistance, changes in diet and lifestyle are necessary. Help is here. The Insulin Resistance Diet for PCOS is the first meal plan and cookbook to address these needs directly and compassionately—offering a proven pathway to regain control of your life.

With the understanding that "you are not alone," The Insulin Resistance Diet for PCOS provides direct steps to counter PCOS issues, including mini-goals, day-by-day meal plans, and tasty recipes with strategic nutritional profiles.

The Insulin Resistance Diet for PCOS includes:
  • Easy meal plans for the insulin resistance diet—Recipes are tailored to meet the additional needs caused by PCOS by helping boost fertility, lowering calorie intake, and fighting inflammation.
  • Uniquely satisfying foods—This insulin resistance diet is designed to be fulfilling and reduce your cravings. It includes PCOS-specific food lists, shopping guides, and cooking essentials.
  • "Intuitive eating" and other practical advice—Learn a variety of diet, exercise, and lifestyle guidelines that can dramatically improve your symptoms and quality of life.

Reclaim your health and rejoin your life. The Insulin Resistance Diet for PCOS puts you on the road to positive change.

About the Author

TARA SPENCER is a nutritionist and certified personal trainer who guides clients along their personal path toward improved health. She is experienced with eating disorder recovery, athlete coaching, and the use of diet as a natural treatment for a number of illnesses. Tara is author of The Insulin Resistance Diet Plan & Cookbook, as well as two other nutrition books.

Praise For…

“The authors of The Insulin Resistance Diet for PCOS provide a personal and intuitive outline on how PCOS and insulin resistance are related. This book provides women with PCOS information that is empowering and life changing…it is the perfect read for women across the board, as well as those attempting to get their PCOS under control.”
—Jennifer Plouffé, Leadership Board Member at the PCOS Awareness Association

The Insulin Resistance Diet for PCOS offers practical, simple recipes packed with healthful nutrition and a variety of delicious meals that make healthful eating easy and enjoyable. The section on ‘Living Well, Eating Well’ compassionately addresses the emotional relationship with food that is common in women with PCOS, and provides essential steps to work through these on the journey towards health!”
—Dr. Fiona McCulloch, ND, author 8 Steps To Reverse Your PCOS and founder of White Lotus Integrative Medicine

The Insulin Resistance Diet for PCOS provides solid advice for women with PCOS who are trying to make lifestyle changes in order to reduce symptoms. The recipes are filled with anti-inflammatory, whole foods designed to nourish and heal.”
—Amy Medling, health coach and founder of PCOS Diva

“I wish I’d had access to a book like The Insulin Resistance Diet for PCOS when I was first diagnosed with PCOS. The authors present a practical plan to tackle PCOS in a straightforward and reassuring way, while providing all of the tools to manage PCOS. I highly recommended this easy-to-understand guidebook to anyone struggling with PCOS.”
—Macie Vega, founder of

“This book offers an easy-to-follow, 4-week meal plan (along with recipes) to help jump-start an insulin-resistance diet to manage the symptoms of PCOS. The recipes are creative, not too involved, and vary greatly. It makes it very easy to choose recipes based on your priorities. This book is worth a read for any woman suffering from PCOS!”—Jennifer W.

“Solid, easy-to-follow cookbook. It's not limited to those with PCOS. The foods are easy to find in the local grocery store. The recipes are tasty enough for the entire family. Good choice!”—Deana D.

“The recipes are very balanced and appealing. As a personal health chef with a certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner, I am impressed with the variety of foods, herbs, and cultural diversity in ingredients.”—NutriRep

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