Dreams for Our Children: Immigrant Letters to the Future (Paperback)

Dreams for Our Children: Immigrant Letters to the Future By Omotayo Banjo (Editor) Cover Image
By Omotayo Banjo (Editor)
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"I moved for a better life for my children."

For the first time, this common refrain in immigration stories is captured in an extraordinary way: through heartfelt letters from immigrants to their children.

Our children are why a loving parent does anything. They are why we work late or work multiple jobs. They are why we stay. They are why we leave. They are why we laugh. They are why we fear. They are our reasons.

Reflective, daring, inspiring, and heartfelt, this compilation of twenty letters represents perspectives from first- and second-generation immigrants from Mexico, Nigeria, Nepal, Jamaica, Taiwan, and more. In their letters, contributors consider the future they want for their children, draw from their experiences, and confess their hopes for their future.

In an era of biased bans and controlled borders, when shouts of "build the wall" and "send them back" seem to have grown louder, the narratives of everyday immigrants have become more important than ever. This anthology celebrates the immigrant experience and shows how they and their children embody the American dream.

In Dreams for Our Children, you will find stories of belonging, rejection, and resilience. You will walk the journeys of first- and second-generation Americans as they make sense of their cultural identity, connect with their heritage, and pave a new path forward for themselves and future generations.

Perhaps, in this anthology, you will find you.

"A collection of poignant, powerful, and visceral love letters that are filled with the hopes of immigrant parents. These stories are what make our country powerful."

-Murali Balaji, diversity advisor and professional development supervisor at the University of Pennsylvania and founder of Maruthi Education Consulting

"Dreams for Our Children shows how little immigrant parents have shared with our children and intentionally creates a template for revealing ourselves to them for posterity."

-Muyiwa Sobo, attorney

"A must-read primer for anyone wanting to see the good and best of immigration and immigrants. This is why the Statue of Liberty's message of 'give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free' must continue to be the centerpiece of America's immigration policy."

-MaryRose Ozee Nwadike, LLM, former immigration lawyer

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Publication Date: March 1st, 2022
Pages: 176
Language: English