Resilience That Works: Eight Practices for Leadership and Life (Paperback)

Resilience That Works: Eight Practices for Leadership and Life By Marian N. Ruderman, Cathleen Clerkin, Katya C. Fernandez Cover Image
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"A practical guide for gaining and maintaining strength through the trials and tribulations of leading and living."

Adam Grant, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Think Again and host of the TED podcast WorkLife

"Fortunately, there is more than one road to resilience. This clearly-written guide maps out how any worker at any level can be happier and healthier in the office and beyond."

Meg Jay, author of Supernormal: The Secret World of the Family Hero

"Resilience That Works quashes the belief that working harder is the best way to address the challenges of the day. Instead, it presents eight effective practices you can implement immediately."

Elaine Biech, CPTD Fellow and author of Skills for Career Success

"If you want to learn what resilience is, this book is a must read. If you want to learn practices to be more resilient, this book is a must-do."

Clemson G. Turregano, Leadership Professor of Practice, The Citadel

"Ruderman, Clerkin, and Fernandez reinforced previous leadership lessons, gave language to things I intuitively felt, and gave me additional practices to activate and integrate into how I lead for impact."

Karen McNeil-Miller, President and CEO, The Colorado Health Foundation

As a leader, it's easy to push yourself to the brink of exhaustion. Responding to challenges with brute force may be effective for a brief time, but this approach eventually wears you down and compromises your ability to function. Drawing on scientific research and practical experience at the Center for Creative Leadership, Resilience That Works: Eight Practices for Leadership and Life offers an alternative-a portfolio of eight resilience practices to keep you healthy, focused, and functioning effectively long before crisis arises. Filled with concrete and actionable advice, Resilience That Works guides you through personalized strategies for developing lasting resilience.

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ISBN: 9781647610159
ISBN-10: 164761015X
Publisher: Center for Creative Leadership
Publication Date: April 12th, 2022
Pages: 250
Language: English