The New Wine (Paperback)

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In the 'New Wine' an exciting faith-based publication, first-time author Matthew Douglas Pinard delves into some of the greatest mysteries of all time. As he seeks to merge the secular left with the conservative right, using "two keys" to life on this earth.

Matthew attempts to answer some questions, such as:

  • What happened to James Douglas Morrison, lead singer of the famous Doors
  • rock and roll band, in 1971 in a bathtub in Paris, France?
  • What is the true meaning behind the famous poem "An American Prayer"
  • written by Jim Morrison?
  • How does this prophetic poem hold meaning to this day for us in the present in
  • this tumultuous year of 2016?
  • Did Jesus Christ really exist?
  • What are the true intentions behind the mysterious event of Jesus Christ
  • handing the keys of the Kingdom to Saint Peter over two thousand years ago?
  • Who was Saint Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ?
  • Can anyone personally experience the presence of Saint Mary in their daily
  • lives?
  • Is Saint Mary powerful enough to directly influence our planet?
  • What does Jesus Christ and Saint Mary want from each of us as it pertains to
  • our fellow man?
  • How can any one of us enter the Kingdom of Heaven?

'The New Wine', directly tackles every one of these questions with specific examples and photographic evidence of "the Other Kingdom," which lies at the tips of our fingers on Earth in this present day.

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ISBN: 9781648732584
ISBN-10: 1648732585
Publisher: Writers Publishing House
Publication Date: April 5th, 2022
Pages: 164
Language: English