Attachment Theory: Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT), Stop Anxiety and Jealousy In Love. Anxiety in relationships. (Paperback)

Attachment Theory: Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT), Stop Anxiety and Jealousy In Love. Anxiety in relationships. By Robert Steward Cover Image
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Get Rid of Unhealthy Emotional Baggage, and Repair Damaged Relationships with this Guide to The Attachment Theory

How to maintain a healthy, long-term relationship?

How to recognize unbalanced emotional attachment and dependence?

What defensive techniques can you use to defend yourself from emotional bullies?

The Attachment Theory aims to answer those questions and more The relationships we establish throughout our lives shape us as individuals. Others can sometimes influence us in a good way, broadening our perspectives or changing our bad habits. But sometimes, the emotional attachment we feel towards someone can be exploited for something dark and unhealthy.

This comprehensive workbook will teach you how to recognize those bad influences, and fight them, even if they happened in your past but have left a significant trace. But that's not all If you implement techniques and strategies this book describes, you'll be able to use your emotional intelligence to spot problematic patterns in the way you communicate, prevent emotional damage and maintain respectful and healthy long-term relationships.

Here's what you'll be able to do after reading this book:
  • Recognize different types of attachment and identify problematic ones
  • Use emotional focus therapy (EFT) techniques to restore broken or damaged relationships
  • Maintain a healthy long-term relationship and use strategies to strengthen it
  • Analyze and predict your partner's reactions and behavioral patterns
  • Free yourself of old, unbalanced emotional attachments
  • Get rid of the fear of abandonment and boost your confidence
  • Resolve conflicts in a peaceful, productive way
  • Eliminate emotional dependence by self-empowering techniques
  • Heal psychological wounds, and open your heart and mind to new connections
  • Recognize emotional aggression and defend yourself
  • And so much more

Sometimes we think that our love for someone is all we need to make the relationship work. Love and trust are by all means a foundation of every great relationship, but the complexity of human emotions can twist and turn the connection you share with someone. We cannot rely only on our good intentions to work out the problems in our relationships.

Use this book to learn the techniques and methods that will strengthen the connection between you and the people you care about, work out the tiny glitches that can otherwise become serious issues, and protect yourself from emotional bullies.

They say that time heals all the wounds, but with this book, you don't have to wait for it to happen Take the matter into your hands, follow the detailed instructions in this book, and build relationships that will last a lifetime

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