in our hands (Paperback)

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"E-V-E-L-Y-N." She spelled her name with her hand.

Otis was immediately intrigued by the beautiful girl who seemed to know enough sign language to introduce herself to him. Little did he know, shortly after that night, that the beautiful girl would end up in a relationship with his brother, Dean.

Until Dean left.

Left Chicago, left Evelyn and left Otis to clean up the mess.

Seven years later, Evelyn owns a coffee shop where Otis, a writer, spends his days writing fluff articles for a local paper. They have a steady, dependable friendship and they've come to rely on each other like family.

But after one harrowing night, their comfortable, easy relationship is catapulted into new territory. And for as close as they've always been, they've also shielded each other from the heaviest pieces of their pasts.

This is a story about two people finding a way to let go and believe that even when we feel like the things we want are beyond our reach; the power to change our path is always in our hands.

"in our hands" is a standalone, contemporary romance novel. Some subject matter may be sensitive for some readers. 18+ only. Please read responsibly.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781665306355
ISBN-10: 1665306351
Publisher: Larissa C. Moyer
Publication Date: April 3rd, 2023
Pages: 448
Language: English