Walt Disney's Donald and Mickey in Metropolis and Faust (Disney Originals) (Hardcover)

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Walt Disney's Donald and Mickey in Metropolis and Faust (Disney Originals) By Luciano Bottaro, Francesco Artibani, Paolo Mottura, Jonathan H. Gray Cover Image
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In the tradition of The Prince and the Pauper and Mickey’s Christmas Carol, Disney’s top stars dive back into wild spoofs of great literature! Donald meets demons in the perilous past — then Mickey gets roboticized in the far-flung future!

First, it’s Goethe… Duckburg style! Long ago in medieval Europe, alchemist “Dr. Donaldus Faustus” (Donald Duck) can’t stand the feud between his uncle, Duke Scrooge MacDuich, and the brawling Beagle Barons. Donald turns to wacky Witch Hazel and demons of the underworld to help him make peace… but these magic misfits just might prefer war!

Next, in a retelling of Fritz Lang’s classic film, the future city of “Mousetropolis” is powered by the world’s highest-tech factory. But that factory runs on the low-tech muscle of poverty-stricken peasants… and “undercover boss” Mictor (Mickey Mouse) discovers a plot to replace them with robots if they object! The Phantom Blot is in charge—and Minnie’s next in line to go metal!

About the Author

Luciano Bottaro (1931–2006) was an Italian comic book artist whose style was appreciated across Europe.

Francesco Artibani (1968-), born in Rome, Italy, has long worked for The Walt Disney Company Italia, where he has scripted many comics adventures for Scrooge McDuck, Mickey Mouse, Duck Avenger, and the beloved girls’ adventure series W.I.T.C.H. Artibani has also produced miniseries for Panini/Marvel (X-Campus) and worked on major non-Disney Italian comics, including Lupo Alberto and Winx Club.

Paolo Mottura, born in Pinerolo, Italy, began drawing for Disney comics in 1989. He is best known for the X-Mickey supernatural adventure series, numerous Duck Avenger adventures, and other stories drawn in an engrossing, modern style at once futuristic and gothic.

Jonathan H. Gray is a cartoonist, translator, and educator. Gray’s writing and comics have been published by Disney, Archie, and IDW. He currently teaches at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781683969600
ISBN-10: 168396960X
Publisher: Fantagraphics
Publication Date: August 27th, 2024
Pages: 224
Language: English
Series: Disney Originals