Back on Track: Lifestyle and Exercise Guide on Healing Back Pain (Paperback)

Back on Track: Lifestyle and Exercise Guide on Healing Back Pain By Roberta Bergman Cover Image
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Back On Track deals with wellness, back relief, lifestyle improvement and fitness. Author Roberta Bergman puts these topics into a comprehensive, reader friendly interactive, hands-on guide, especially for anyone with common chronic back ailments. The author's focus is on back pain prevention through posture improvement, ergonomics, therapeutic exercise, stress reduction, proper body mechanics, disciplined exercise and the basics of good nutrition.Back On Track is a learning tool for people who want to find the right physical techniques to heal their back or protect it from hurt.

Dr. Aubrey Swartz, Executive Director of the prestigious American Back Society wrote the book's forward, stating that "Roberta Bergman is to be commended on her continuing efforts to develop exercise programs to assist in the prevention and treatment of postural and mechanical back pain problems. We agree that developing and maintaining a reasonable level of physical conditioning can be helpful for achieving these goals."

Back On Track appeals to young people and baby boomers.Whoever uses their neck and back with the proliferation of screen technology (tech neck.) It speaks to people who have acquired chronic back pain from the lack of suitable exercise, under conditioned muscles, sedentary habits, poor posture, stress and improper nutrition.

Back On Trackis an exercise manual for back stretching, strengthening, posture improvement and relaxation techniques to reduce chronic back and neck pain. It can be easily followed in the comfort of one's home, office or gym.

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