About Last Night (Paperback)

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The sound of pounding awoken me. 'What the ...?' The pain in my brain worsens as the pounding grew louder and louder. "Go away, " I groaned, throwing the comforter over my head. "I need to talk to you " It's my sister. A sudden movement of the bed caused my eyes to fly open. Who is in my bed? Immediately the comforter was snatched off my head. My eyes locked with a pair of confused and scared dark brown eyes. I prayed my eyes were playing tricks on me. How could I sleep with a man who is about to be married? The tears overwhelming my eyes. How can I have feelings for someone's else man? The pounding continued causing me to jump. "Please sister, I want to talk to you about my fiance." She said through the closed door. "I'm not leaving until you open up " How can I sleep with my sister's fiance?

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ISBN: 9781722664732
ISBN-10: 1722664738
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: August 20th, 2018
Pages: 246
Language: English