Essential India Travel Guide: A Must Have Guide for the Westerners (Paperback)

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Essential India Travel Guide
A Must Have Guide for the Westerners

I was born in Bikaner, a small but lovely city in the middle of Rajasthan, India. We left India for the U.S. when I was 13, and didn't go back till I was 23 again. 10 years is not that long of a break for most immigrant families, but for me it was a huge shock in every sense, especially since I think I left at an early age and didn't go back until I was a grown man. The little boy inside me wanted to find everything the way I left them, but that obviously was not the case. I could not even recognize most of my closest relatives.

We traveled to Mumbai (Bombay), Delhi, Kolkata and I wanted to see all of Rajasthan, which we did, then we came back the U.S. and I brought back a lot of great memories along with a promise to myself that I will go back one day and see all of India.

Little did I know, just three years later, I got a job offer from an Indian multinational company that I could not refuse. As I was going through my final interview, I learned that my job would require me to travel extensively throughout India Needless to say, I was excited, delighted and eager to leave for India.

Long story short, I ended up working fifteen years for that company, but only eight of those years were spent in India.

I will admit that those eight years were the most glorious times of my life, I was mesmerized by the culture, the food the music, religion and the endless colorful festivals that came around every so often.

I always wanted to write about India, and now that I have something I can share, I decided to take the opportunity to write about a simple but useful travel guide that can help people from all walks of life, culture, and country.

To keep this book, short and to the point, I decided not to get too much into the festivals, culture or food other than the most essential parts that I thought all travelers should know.

In this guide, I covered all four corners of this great country, but not every city in every state, because that would be hard to do and the size of this book may go over 1000 pages. Instead, I covered cities and States with most popular and prominent tourist attractions.

Even though I was born in India but since I didn't actually grow up there, it was a steep learning curve for me at first, but at least I knew the language (a bit), and I looked like an Indian which was helpful in my case I am sure. So when I started writing this book, I thought, I can truly bring a unique perspective to this book, because I know the best of both worlds and know how and when to bring them together and when not to.

I hope you will find this book valuable in more ways than one, as not only I discuss what to see in India, but how to get prepared, how to apply for a visa, what to expect, how to plan your trips from a financial point, what type of travel agencies you can trust, what modes of transportation are the best, important cultural aspects, what food choices are safe and so much more.

Let me welcome you to the beautiful land of music, dance and colors we proudly call India; I know you will love visiting here.


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