Empire of Dragons (Paperback)

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Save the empire...or let it burn.

Revenge failed her...

Three years ago, Lo'laeni Nolanhou did the unthinkable, slaying the empress of the cruel Alrenian Empire and freeing her people, the Forwyn slaves. But the price of revenge wasn't freedom, only guilt. Vowing to never kill again, Lo dedicated her life to the god Elhani, serving as a nun within the Circle of Serenity to fight against the injustices still wrought against her people in the torn capital of Alrenor.

Then Caesiem, a handsome and mysterious Teramese boy aligned with an underground Forwyn vigilante group, flips her world upside down. The unrest growing within Alrenor is worse than Lo realized. Corruption is everywhere...and the Forwyn vigilantes want an empress slayer.

Revenge fuels her...

For years, Empress Jaliana, Daughter of Karye, has been a captive in her own palace. A prisoner to her mother's killers. A powerless pawn, alone and unable to take back her throne, her dragons, or her kingdom.

Until one night a never-before-seen gift manifests itself within Jalie. It's terrifying. Brutal. Everything she has ever needed. But the Forwyn won't give in easily. They task Kovi, a young soldier, to watch over her, and he challenges everything she's ever believed about her enemies...

One empire. An age-old hatred. Two girls who will risk anything-even their souls-for their people.

Not sure which order to read Rachel L. Schade's books in?

Empire of Dragons is set in the same world as the Silent Kingdom series, three years later, and follows new characters. If you're interested in both series, it's best to read SK first to avoid all possible spoilers. However, it's NOT necessary to read the SK series first.

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ISBN: 9781736485606
ISBN-10: 1736485601
Publisher: Dragon Shadow Publishing
Publication Date: September 17th, 2021
Pages: 390
Language: English