Scattered to the Four Winds: An Acadian Family's Journey (Paperback)

Scattered to the Four Winds: An Acadian Family's Journey By Rm Lucie Comeau-Kroshus Cover Image
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For more than one hundred years the Acadians lived a bucolic life, free of worries and stresses in Nova Scotia on land they thought was paradise...

They called it Acadia...

And then the British ruined everything...

While a bitter war raged between France and England over possession of Acadia, the Acadians flourished and became self-sufficient and independent. Eventually the British took control.

The British grew to resent the Acadians because they were occupying all of the province's rich fertile land, land they coveted for their British subjects. They believed the Acadians were 'secret enemies' and that they were encouraging 'the savages to cut their throats'. So, they devised a plan to forcefully remove them from the province and scatter them to the four corners of the earth. They called it 'a great and noble scheme' and 'one of the greatest things that the British ever did in America'.

Pierre Comeau was one of the first Europeans to set foot on Acadian soil in Canada's east coast of Nova Scotia in the early 1600s. He became the patriarch of all the Comeaus in North America. Despite the tragic events of the Great Upheaval in 1755, when the Acadians where forcefully removed from their land and deported throughout the thirteen British colonies, Pierre's descendants survived. Today they continue to thrive all over the world.

Based on true events, Scattered to the Four Winds follows Pierre's descendants from Acadia to Quebec to Minnesota to Saskatchewan on a journey filled with hardships, and misfortunes that no man should ever have to endure. Their migration, covering three hundred years, is told through the voice of Harry Comeau Jr., an eighth generation Comeau who's family settled in Saskatchewan. Harry believes that his ancestor's triumphant journey not only paved the way for his existence, but rooted him with a deep affection for his Acadian heritage. In many ways it shape his life, his character and his personality.

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Publisher: Roseline Kroshus
Publication Date: May 11th, 2023
Pages: 240
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