Shakespeare and the First Hamlet (Paperback)

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By Terri Bourus (Editor)
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The first edition of Hamlet - often called 'Q1', shorthand for 'first quarto' - was published in 1603, in what we might regard as the early modern equivalent of a cheap paperback. Yet this early version of Shakespeare's classic tragedy is becoming increasingly canonical, not because there is universal agreement about what it is or what it means, but because more and more Shakespearians agree that it is worth arguing about. The essays in this collected volume explore the ways in which we might approach Q1's Hamlet, from performance to book history, from Shakespeare's relationships with his contemporaries to the shape of his whole career.

About the Author

Terri Bourus is Professor of Theatre and Professor of English at Florida State University. She is a General Editor of the four-part New Oxford Shakespeare (2016-2017), and the author of Young Shakespeare's Young Hamlet (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014). She has written essays on stage directions, the performance of religious conversion, Shakespeare and Fletcher's Cardenio, the role of Alice in Arden of Faversham, and Middleton's female roles. Bourus is an Equity actor, and has directed and acted in, two very different productions of Hamlet, both based on Q1.

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