Macbeth-The Graphic Novel (Paperback)

Macbeth-The Graphic Novel By William Shakespeare, Arthur Byron Cover, Tony Leonard Tamai (Illustrator) Cover Image
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In a distant and exotic ringworld, there is one name that outshines all others...Macbeth. He's the bravest of the brave, the most loyal of all King Duncan's dragon-riding lords. But within his heart burns a secret desire to be king at all costs, including murder. When the opportunity arises, he and his wife, the ruthless Lady Macbeth seize it and kill Duncan.

Yet the throne is not secure. The spilling of Duncan's blood begets the spilling of more blood as rivals and vengeance seekers rise up against Macbeth. And suddenly, King Macbeth finds himself at war-with the dragon lords, with himself, and with fate that seems to conspire more and more against him with each passing day.

Set in a science-fiction world of the far future, this is a stunning graphic novel adaptation of Shakespeare's classic story of ambition gone wrong.

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ISBN: 9781899694143
ISBN-10: 1899694145
Publisher: iBooks
Publication Date: April 30th, 2023
Pages: 152
Language: English