Beyond Measure: Bliss with a Twist (Paperback)

Beyond Measure: Bliss with a Twist By K. D. Harris Cover Image
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They say the best things in life are free...are they really? "If I had to choose between having everything I could I ever want or to have true love, I'd choose the latter..." S. Beyond Measure is an erotic suspenseful tale of a young woman who has an overwhelming need to be loved. Unknowing, she is drawn in a taboo situation with two brothers who awakens a side of her that she never knew existed. After several enthralling encounters lust turns to love and the tables turn. What seemed to be just a little fun will cost someone their life.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781944151041
ISBN-10: 1944151044
Publisher: Street Knowledge Publishing
Publication Date: February 24th, 2017
Pages: 212
Language: English