Let Me Tell You How It Isn't (Paperback)

Let Me Tell You How It Isn't By Justin J. Murphy Cover Image
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Fiction. LET ME TELL YOU HOW IT ISN'T follows the life of twenty-two-year-old Justin Murphy as he searches for his estranged Lebanese father through London. Raised primarily by his Irish Catholic grandparents in Los Angeles, Justin struggles to identify with a Middle Eastern heritage he knows little about and refuses to accept. As a result, he embarks on a booze-fueled journey of self-discovery--but he isn't alone. His Jain girlfriend--a vociferous critic of his drinking--is along for the ride that leads them across Europe and down into the depths of their own relationship. LET ME TELL YOU HOW IT ISN'T is the story of a young man's internal and familial struggle between Middle East and Far West in a secondary security screening world. It is a story of culture clash, identity, and love, all of which can tear a family apart and bring them back together.

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ISBN: 9781949790139
ISBN-10: 1949790134
Publisher: Pelekinesis
Publication Date: August 8th, 2019
Pages: 460
Language: English