Water & Earth: Book 1 of the Messengers Trilogy (Hardcover)

Water & Earth: Book 1 of the Messengers Trilogy By A. L. Mundt Cover Image
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"Unique world-building coupled with an exciting story make this YA novel hard to put down. A.L. Mundt is definitely an author to follow "

-Lisanne Norman, Author of the Sholan Alliance Series

In A.L. Mundt's first novel, Water & Earth, Book 1 of the Messengers Trilogy, readers will go on an adventure with siblings, Majest and Aletta Skylark in this epic post-apocalyptic YA fantasy as they combat the northern wilderness and the demons within it to find peace for their land before all is lost.

Seventy-five years ago, the humming modern world began to suffocate under the watchful eyes of the gods, and the humans began to rip that world apart. Gods and demons arrived to intervene-the gods to rescue the people, the demons to fight the gods for the land. The destructive war between them blasted the planet beyond recognition.

Frozen and altered by a postwar blanket of supernatural energy, the world now accelerates and evolves in strange new ways. It must be rebuilt if humankind is to survive.

Siblings Majest and Aletta Skylark are the last hope of the god, Komi the Deliverer, to revive their world. He gifts them with elemental powers to become Messengers of peace and to confront the rising evils. When a dark new organization wages war against paranormal abilities, the Skylarks become reluctant runaways in the danger-riddled northern wilderness. All the while, they are hunted by assassins and demons, who often wear the faces of friends. Majest and Aletta must do everything they can to defeat their enemies and prove to the people of the land, as well as their gods, that war does not have to pave the path to peace. But what will they have to sacrifice to succeed?

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ISBN: 9781951375508
ISBN-10: 1951375505
Publisher: Written Dreams Publishing
Publication Date: December 31st, 2021
Pages: 272
Language: English