Watson and Holmes: A Scandal in Harlem (Paperback)

Watson and Holmes: A Scandal in Harlem By Brandon Easton, Karl Bollers, Greg Anderson Elysée Cover Image
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A silent epidemic of stolen lives. In the streets of Harlem, black men are going missing, queer minors are being trafficked, dreams are being broken, the mafia is running amuck, and brand culture and social media are killing people. When the dirtiest of vices are ripe in back alleys and street corners, the nastiest of humanity's underbelly is put on display. With the police buried in cases and the community quickly losing faith, there is only one duo determined enough to bring light to injustice. This anthology, curated from the finest African American talents in the industry, takes the classic detective team created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and brings them into the modern age. In the 21st Century where people are in desperate need of answers, JON WATSON and SHERLOCK HOLMES return with five new incredible tales. Featuring stories from BRANDON EASTON (Transformers), N. STEVEN HARRIS (Michael Cray), HANNIBAL TABU (MPLS Sound), KARL BOLLERS (Marvel's Machine Man, Cable), GREG A. ELYS E (Is'Nana the Were Spider) as well as true Holmesian creators like LYNDSAY FAYE, STEVEN GRANT, ELI POWELL, and DENNIS CALERO. WATSON & HOLMES is part the NOIR IS THE NEW BLACK hit collection.

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ISBN: 9781960171030
ISBN-10: 1960171038
Publisher: Fairsquare Comics LLC
Publication Date: January 9th, 2024
Pages: 136
Language: English