Stewards of the Future: A Guide for Competent Boards (Hardcover)

Stewards of the Future: A Guide for Competent Boards By Helle Bank Jorgensen Cover Image
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Climate- and ESG-competent boards are in high demand by investors and other stakeholders. In fact, climate change and other environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues have become some of the biggest challenges faced by 21st-century board directors.

Today’s boards must contend with a wide range of stakeholders who can affect the fortunes of a company—customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, politicians, activists, and social-media influencers, among others.

This book demonstrates that for long-term profits and sustainability, boards need to not only define the purpose of their company in society but have the insight to ask the right questions of management on complex issues such as climate change, ESG, corruption, cybersecurity, human trafficking, supply-chain resilience, and much more.

With insightful contributions from over one hundred world experts, this book provides board members and executives with a practical guide on what is required today to develop thriving, future-fit organizations.

The insights shared in this book have one common message: the companies with the best chance of surviving and thriving will be guided by leaders with the foresight, knowledge, and determination to tackle the daunting challenges that confront all of humankind.

About the Author

Helle Bank Jorgensen is the CEO of Competent Boards, which offers the global online Climate and ESG Competent Boards Certificate and Designation Programs, which draw from a faculty of over 100 renowned international board members, executives, and experts. She has a 30-year track record in turning Environment, Social, Governance (ESG), Climate, and Sustainability risks into innovative and profitable business opportunities and has worked with many global Fortune 500 board members and executives, as well as smaller companies and investors.

Praise For…

“I wish I had read this book many years ago. Not many have the insight and foresight of Helle Bank Jorgensen to see the risks and opportunities of the future that will help you ask the right questions.” – Chad Holliday, former chair, Royal Dutch Shell and Bank of America

“Many boards struggle with translating purpose and sustainability into the heart of their strategies, yet it is increasingly vital for long-term success. This book by Helle and Competent Boards is very timely, practical, insightful, and, for boards that do care about the long term, actually fun to read.” – Paul Polman, co-founder and chair, IMAGINE; former CEO, Unilever

"If I had just one person to guide me in being a better director, it would, of course, be Helle. Her breadth and depth of experience and her leadership in meeting head-on the complex challenges of the day is unmatched. Stewards of The Future should be required board reading." —Eric Wetlaufer, director, TMX Group and Investment Management Corporation of Ontario (IMCO)

"A book about the future role and responsibilities of the Board of directors could not be more timely. If that book is written by Helle Bank Jorgensen, based on her 30 years of experience advising companies and investors on ESG, Climate and Sustainability, that book will be a bestseller." —Annette Verschuren, O.C. - Chair and CEO, NRStor Inc., Director of Air Canada; Canadian Natural Resources Limited; Liberty Mutual Insurance Group and Saputo Inc., and Chair of MaRS Discovery District and Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC)


"Climate, diversity and other ESG issues have moved into the core of the board room. Learn and get inspired by Helle Bank Jorgensens great book." —Torben Möger Pedersen, CEO, PensionDanmark

"Directors are the stewards of the business information of a company. The stewards of the future need to apply their minds to make business judgement calls that are in the long-term best interests of the health of the incapacitated company, of which as stewards they are the heart, mind, soul and conscience. This book guides a director as to how to be a good steward of a company in our uncertain future.” —Mervyn King South, African corporate attorney, arbitrator, mediator, corporate director, commission chair, author, and speaker

"Unusually powerful...Specifically because it never does go the route of emotionality or excess rhetoric, staying firmly in its ideological lane with facts and findings."—Colin Jordan, Medium

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ISBN: 9781988025766
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Publisher: Barlow Publishing
Publication Date: January 12th, 2022
Pages: 288
Language: English