Managing Your Mental Health During Your PhD: A Survival Guide (Paperback)

Managing Your Mental Health During Your PhD: A Survival Guide By Zoë J. Ayres Cover Image
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Part I: Defining The Problem

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Challenging Perceptions - What is mental health anyway?

Chapter 3: Setting the Scene - Understanding the PhD Mental Health Crisis

Part II: Mindset Matters

Chapter 4: Self-Care: Without you there is no PhD

Chapter 5: Not another yoga session - University Wellbeing programs and why they so often miss the mark

Chapter 6: "I'll read it later" and other lies we tell ourselves - Managing Expectations and Guilt

Chapter 7: Why you earned it - Fighting the Impostor.- Part III: Environmental Stressors

Part III: Environmental Stressors

Chapter 8: Dismantling the Ivory Tower - Systemic Issues that Might Impact your Mental Health

Chapter 9: Perhaps it's not you it's them: PhD Student-Supervisor relationships

Chapter 10: Publish or Perish - On the Myth of Meritocracy

Chapter 11: The High-Walled Rose Garden: Understanding there is life outside the academy

Part IV: Seeking Help

Chapter 12: Thriving, not just surviving

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