Idea Chase, The: Seven Principles for Breakthrough Innovation (Paperback)

Idea Chase, The: Seven Principles for Breakthrough Innovation By Albert H. Segars Cover Image
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'Breakthrough' innovation is often difficult to achieve. Great ideas hide in places that are not obvious. They often first appear as bits and pieces of fragmented ideas rather than something fully revealed. In addition, the story behind chasing ideas is as elusive as the ideas themselves. Some say that breakthrough innovation is magical, unlearnable, or inborn. It is a wonderful fairy tale of inspiration. However, evidence does not fully support the 'inspiration' hypothesis. A successful Idea Chase is a combination of inspiration and disciplined hard work. These important ingredients cannot be separated, they work together to reveal something that is unseen by others. Artists, authors, musicians, as well as leaders of some of the most innovative organizations have mastered this approach. It is a skill that can be described, developed, and managed. As described in this book, the story of innovation is built on seven key principles and a toolbox of supporting methods: Be Ambitious, Create Chemistry, Define Roles and Responsibilities, Build Trust, Lean on Data, Show Perseverance, and Embrace Sacrifice. This story is told through the experiences and examples of innovative organizations and extraordinary people that have combined the magic of inspiration with the muscle of discipline to achieve the impossible.

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Publication Date: September 29th, 2023
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