Queen of Two Worlds (Paperback)

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Orphan turned Nyumban queen, Malkia discovers that the prophecy that foretold she was the chosen one was real. As an inexperienced queen thrust into a leadership position in a universe she's still learning, Malkia struggles with maturing into her role due to her distrust of her council, as well as the constant traditions being imposed upon her. With her nemesis, Sot securely locked away and her Nyumban people safe, Malkia hides out on her adopted planet Earth, shunning responsibilities and tossing aside tradition rather than preparing for what's next.

Although Sot is securely locked away, his imprisonment cannot stop his influence. Subordinate Sayari nations, like the Tumwa and the Karisians, rebel against Nyumban sovereignty. A new enemy surfaces, determined to avenge Sot and the rest of the Tumwa survivors. They have manipulated the moyo to be stronger and more advanced opponents. Either Queen Malkia can come meet them in battle, or they will bring the battle to her--on Sayari or on Planet Earth. Will she be able to stop the war once and for all or is it already too late to save both of her homes?

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ISBN: 9798223265863
Publisher: Lioness Entertainment, LLC
Publication Date: August 14th, 2023
Pages: 262
Language: English