Edgar Cayce Natural Cures: The Miracle Healing Oil Called "Palma Christi" - The Hand of Christ (Paperback)

Edgar Cayce Natural Cures: The Miracle Healing Oil Called
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Edgar Cayce recommended this oil in over 1000 of his readings (Full color version)

6000 Year Old Remedy Cures Over 300 Aliments - Cleopatra Used This Oil For Her Hair and EyelashesIf an inexpensive and widely available oil could cure or be used for the following, would you use it?
  • Cancer
  • Skincare
  • Beauty treatment
  • Liver repair
  • Allergies
  • Insect Bites
  • Alcoholism
  • Tinnitus
  • Warts
  • Sprains
  • Drug Overdose
  • Wounds
  • Tumors
This is just a partial list
Dr. Susan Ward N.D. Proclaimed, After Reading The Manuscript, Before It Went To Press:
"Best Information On This Topic I Have Ever Read - I was unaware of the magnitude of how this remedy works, especially on a spiritual level, and how many illnesses it treats"

The "Palma Christi" oil, as an alternative healing treatment, is in a class by itself. This single remedy provides relief and cure to over 300 ailments, and has a track record to prove it. For 6000 years it has worked magic. The story of its history is one of amazement and wonder. Its relation to Jesus how he may have used it and how it is being used today, not only in a physical way but in a spiritual way, is examined in great depth. Recent scientific studies have uncovered some of its unique properties as they relate to specific ailments, but the fact that it benefits so many different types of complaints justifies its christening as "The Hand of Christ".

Anyone interested in natural healing, homeopathy, natural medicine, cancer cures, castor oil, Edgar Cayce, Palma Christi, herbal medicine, yoga, prayer, spiritual healing, Christ, Jesus, Christianity, and sleeping prophet should read this.

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