The Piercing Manual: The Ultimate Guide to a Safe, Effective and Amazing Body Pierce Includes Learn to Body Pierce for Beginners (Paperback)

The Piercing Manual: The Ultimate Guide to a Safe, Effective and Amazing Body Pierce Includes Learn to Body Pierce for Beginners By Donna Dillow Cover Image
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Body piercing is a kind of alteration of the body that is commonly performed for several reasons. Simply defined, perforation of the body includes puncturing a portion of the body to decorate it with jewelry.
Body piercings exist in almost every culture, worldwide and through the history and heritage of almost everyone. Some piercings have significant significance ranging from spiritual and religious to personal, while others remain merely ornamental.

Altogether, there is no question that for various reasons there are body piercings. Ear and septum piercings are the most frequent forms of body piercings. Ohring is one of the most popular jewelry alternatives, especially in a clip-on version. The ability to falsify a piercing is accessible for almost all kinds of piercing.
Guinness has even the greatest amount of piercings in the world. Elaine Davidson set 'Most Pierced Woman' record with 6,725 piercings in March 2010 while Rolf Buchholz of Dortmund, Germany set the record for 'Most Pierced Man.'
Body piercing is seen as a form of change in the body and is carefully controlled, much as women's thigh tattoos. Professional piercers carefully take their art. The health, safety and comfort of its customers are very essential not only for the piercers, but also the businesses in which they operate for reasons which are not just their reputation.
The sites for many piercings can cause a great deal of uncomfortableness for a long time if they are wrong. Most piercers themselves have a lot of piercings, so they are also a valuable resource for what you may anticipate from your experience, not only what you learnt through piercing.
With so many various kinds of corporal piercings accessible, your study is vital, it is extremely important Many piercers know the most often misunderstood piercings and are glad to clarify or correct you to make sure you know what you are requesting.
Clitoral piercing is only one example of one of the most often misunderstood piercing, but do not fear that we will have a complete description of the varieties of body piercing that you may achieve
Read more about the origins and varieties of body piercings, the healing times of the body piercing and more Body piercing

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